Best Vape Shops in San Diego

13 Best Vape Shops in San Diego

San Diego was named for Saint Didacus aka Diego de San Nicolás or Didacus of Alcalá who died on 12th November 1463. The city itself is often declared the birthplace of California. Let’s learn more about its history and culture as we identify the Best Vape Shops in San Diego.

Best Vape Shops in San Diego

1. Sweet Dreams Smoke and Vape Shop

Sweet Dreams Smoke and Vape Shop

Right next to the Mexican border, San Diego’s population was around 1.3M in 2020 and is estimated over 3M by 2021. It’s a key strategic post for the US Navy, with its deep natural harbors, endless beaches, multitudes of parks, and mild weather throughout the year.

  • Name: Sweet Dreams Smoke and Vape Shop
  • Address: 1040 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109
  • Website:
  • Phone: (858) 886-7152
  • Hours: Sunday to Wednesday: 9 am to 1 am; Thursday to Sunday: 9 am to 2 am

How about some sweet dreams to go with that lovely weather? Try this smoke and vape shop for a wide variety of nicotine products, including some infused with THC and/or CBD. They stock disposable vape pens, hookahs, torch lighters, plus a bakery to soothe your munchies.



2. Illusions Vape and Smoke Shop

Illusions Vape and Smoke Shop

After LA (Los Angeles), San Diego is California’s second-largest city. Its initial inhabitants were the Native American Kumeyaay, also known as the Diegueño or Tipai-Ipai. And San Diego is where the first European explorers made landfall and settled back in the 1500s.

  • Name: Illusions Vape and Smoke Shop
  • Address: 3205 Midway Drive Unit D, San Diego, CA 92110
  • Website:
  • Phone: (619) 255-8560
  • Hours: Monday to Thursday: 10 am to 8 pm; Friday to Sunday: 10 am to 10 pm

After all that time at sea, San Diego must have seemed like a mirage for those sailors. And if you’d like an equally pleasant vision, check out Illusions Vape and Smoke Shop. They’ve been around since 2001 and have a wide selection of exotic flavors, both glass and disposable.

3. 1 Stop Smoke Shop

1 Stop Smoke Shop

The first foreigners on US soil came from Spain and in the 1820s, San Diego was part of the Mexican Empire, which later became the First Mexican Republic. But after the Mexican-American War, San Diego – and the rest of California – joined the American Union in 1850.

Whether you’re in Spain, Mexico, or the US, calling yourself a one-stop shop is a tall order. And the 1 Stop Smoke Shop takes its claim very seriously. They have an unmatched variety of vape pens, mods, and tobacco products, and they’re open every day so check them out.

4. Smoking Section Smoke Shop

Smoking Section Smoke Shop

California isn’t the only place with a San Diego. Other towns, cities, neighborhoods, landmarks, and municipalities share the name in Texas, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Spain, and Mexico. But for this list of vape shops, we’re focusing on San Diego City in California.

  • Name: Smoking Section Smoke Shop
  • Address: 6904 Miramar Road #208, San Diego, CA 92121
  • Website:
  • Phone: (858) 549-7777
  • Hours: Monday to Saturday: 10 am to 9 pm; Sunday: 10 am to 8 pm

Previously known as the San Diego Smoke Shop, this establishment is now known as the Smoking Section Smoke Shop. The name is just as appropriate, and impossibly, its SEO is even better than before! Searchability aside, the shop stocks CBD, wax, vapes, and more.

5. Vape & Smoke Universe

Vape & Smoke Universe

The main economic activities in San Diego are biotechnology, health care, research, tourism, manufacturing, and military matters. The city borders Tijuana, and while the locale is a port, it marks the busiest global terrestrial border crossing that’s not within the Asian Continent.

  • Name: Vape & Smoke Universe
  • Address: 7190 Miramar Rd. San Diego, CA 92121
  • Website:
  • Phone: +1 (858) 536 86 11
  • Hours: 9 am to 11 pm Daily

Vape & Smoke Universe is a vast name that’s perfectly suited for the world’s busiest border (outside Asia). The brand has five San Diego outlets that carry a broad selection of water pipes, disposables, one-hitters, bangers, vape juice, and dab rigs. And they’re 420-friendly.


6. World of Vape & CBD

World of Vape & CBD

San Diego City has over 50 planned communities and over 100 formally recognized neighborhoods. The downtown area lies on the bay and the city itself is organized as a ‘City of Villages’. Regions are classified by streets and geographical landmarks such as canyons.

  • Name: World of Vape & CBD
  • Address: 9716 Los Coches Road, Unit 5, Lakeside, CA 92040, USA
  • Website:
  • Phone: (619) 938-4666
  • Hours: Tue to Sat: 11 am to 9 pm; Sun: 11 pm to Midnight; Mon: Midnight to 9 pm

East County is a region and Lakeside is a popular part of this neighborhood, home to World of Vape & CBD. They don’t stock THC, but they have everything else you could want from the vaping world. Stock up on a Smoke Buddy to throw that nosy neighbor off your vape scent!


7. Uptown Smoke Shop

Uptown Smoke Shop

In the early days, San Diego was centered in Old Town. But as trade interests expanded, attention stretched towards the waterfront, creating the ‘New Town’ area that now serves as Downtown San Diego. From 1923 to 1967, El Cortez Hotel was the city’s tallest skyscraper.

Express elevators aside, few smoke shops bill themselves as bookstores, but Uptown Smoke Shop does. In addition to vape supplies and smoking accessories, the store has a wide array of books and magazines to delight your imagination. So grab something to read as you vape!


8. Rasta Smoke Shop

Rasta Smoke Shop

Since San Diego has lots of military installations, the Federal Aviation Administration banned supertalls (152m or 500 feet) within a mile of the airport in the 1970s. The current tallest building in San Diego is the One America Plaza, sitting just below the limit at 150m.

  • Name: Rasta Smoke Shop
  • Address: 325 Broadway, Chula Vista, CA 91910, United States
  • Website:
  • Phone: (619) 947-6587
  • Hours: Monday to Saturday: 8 am to Midnight; Sunday: 9 am to Midnight

Skyscrapers are one sure way to get high. And Rasta Smoke Shop is another. Given its name, you know you’ll find an impressive selection of THC and CBD, both analog and electronic. They have vapes, glass pipes, loose tobacco, cigars, water pipes, and fashion items as well.


9. Broadway Vapors

Broadway Vapors

As we mentioned earlier, one of San Diego’s best features is its weather. The Farmer’s Almanac lists its climate among the Top Ten countrywide, and in the summer, the Weather Channel lifts San Diego into the Top Two. It’s semi-arid but gets a bit foggy in the summer.

If you visit San Diego on a foggy day, you may be unaware of its sunny side. And if you’re the type that uses the stage to show off your bright personality (and for the record, lots of actors are shy and introverted off-stage), the store display at Broadway Vapors serenades your soul!


10. Smoke ‘N Stuff

Smoke ‘N Stuff

Let’s talk a little more about San Diego weather. The rains come mostly from December to March and the winters are pleasantly mild. Summers are warm and dry apart from the fog, and you can get temperatures of 70°F (that’s 2 °C) for about 200 days out of every year.

Whether the weather is sunny or misty, you can blow your own clouds at Smoke ‘N Stuff. They have shelves upon shelves of disposable vapes in various styles and flavors. And if they don’t have what you want, they’ll gladly order it for you, so they’re definitely worth a visit.


11. Vapor Times

Vapor Times

In some parts of San Diego, June and July are ‘relatively gloomy’ with thick cloud cover close to the coastline. It’s known as a marine layer and mostly hovers over the ocean and nearby beaches. It happens when the cool water interacts with the warm summer air on its surface.

  • Name: Vapor Times
  • Address: 4425 Convoy St Unit 220, San Diego, CA 92111
  • Website:
  • Phone: (858) 737-4193
  • Hours: Friday to Tuesday: 11 am to 9 pm; Wednesday to Thursday: 11 am to 8 pm

On the subject of marine matters, the first e-cigarettes were invented in China in 2003. And many of today’s stateside vapes still come from the East. So what’s better than a vape shop whose staff are fluent in Mandarin? They link you to the source and translate tricky labels!


12. Aztec Smoke Shop

Aztec Smoke Shop

Areas that are further from the coastline have slightly cooler temperatures, with an average of 50°F (10°C) in January. The highest inland temperatures arrive in the fall, approaching 78°F (26°C) in August. A dozen miles inland at El Cajon, August days get as high as 88°F.

  • Name: Aztec Smoke Shop
  • Address: 5975 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115
  • Website:
  • Phone: (619)229-1285
  • Hours: Sunday to Thursday: 8 am to Midnight; Friday and Saturday: 8 am to 1 am

Speaking of El Cajon, the Aztec Smoke Shop has everything from rolling papers to water pipes and vapes. They also have more traditional tobacco products like cigars, hookahs, and premium glass. You can also stock up on incense and branded clothing to suit your tastes.


13. E-Cig Creations

E-Cig Creations

You’ll rarely see snow in San Diego. In the past 150 years, snowfall has only been recorded six times. In 2019, light snow littered residential San Diego but didn’t get to downtown. It was rather mild and only fell for a few hours on 21st February that year before melting away.

  • Name: E-Cig Creations
  • Address: 6375 El Cajon Blvd, Unit C, San Diego, CA, 92115
  • Website:
  • Phone: 1-619-582-1392
  • Hours: Monday to Saturday: 11 am to 7 pm; 11 am to 6 pm

Unlike the city’s elusive snow, E-Cig Creations has vapes in plenty. They stock over 100 e-cigs and related products in close to 250 flavors and have – in their own words – the largest e-juice menu in San Diego. They offer RDA repair tips too so that technical side is a bonus.

Have we forgotten any of the best vape shops in San Diego? Remind us in the comments!

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