13 Best Vape Shops in Spokane, Washington

You can buy a vape in any state where e-tobacco products are legal. But general stores can only sell mint and menthol flavors. If you want a wider selection, you’ll need to visit the best vape shops in Spokane, Washington. Let’s explore a few of these outlets and learn about the history and stats of this city in the process. Some shops may be a little further out though.

Best Vape Shops in Spokane, Washington

1. Lilac City Vapor

Lilac City Vapor

Sometimes called Lilac City, Spokane is pronounced Spoh-kahn (the ‘a’ sounds like a dentist instructing you to ‘Say aaahhhhh’). It’s also known as Hooptown USA since it hosts Spokane Hoopfest, the biggest basketball tournament in the world. It’s about 100 miles from Canada.

  • Name: Lilac City Vapor
  • Address: 2602 N Hamilton St #2738, Spokane, WA 99207
  • Website: https://lilaccityvapor.com
  • Phone: (509) 714-6933
  • Hours: Mon to Sat: 10 am to 7 pm; Sat: 10.30 am to 5 pm, Sun: 11 am to 4 pm

The idea of positioning Spokane Washington as Lilac City came from a gardening club in the 1930s. Since 1938, the Spokane Lilac Festival has delighted lilac lovers every spring. The lilac gardens are popular for wedding photos. And the Lilac City Vapor Shop is pretty well-known.


2. Wicked Glass and Vapor

Wicked Glass and Vapor

This city is located in Eastern Washington and is the county seat of Spokane County. It’s a picturesque place framed by the Rockies on the east, the Selkirk Mountains, and the Spokane River. It’s considered the origin of Father’s Day, invented by Sonora Smart Dodd in 1909.

  • Name: Wicked Glass and Vapor
  • Address: 518 S Thor St Spokane, WA 99202
  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/wickedvapeshop/
  • Phone: (509) 534-4880
  • Hours: Monday to Saturday: 10 am to 8 pm; Sunday: Noon to 8 pm

If your cheeky dad is of the vaping persuasion, you can always find him the perfect gift at Wicked Glass and Vapor. Better yet, take him to the shop and watch his eyes light up like a kid at the candy store. Carry your credit card though, since he’ll probably grab a huge haul!


3. Vapor Lounge

Vapor Lounge

Let’s talk about Hoopfest. It’s played outdoors and is a 3-on-3 tournament played on half a basketball court with a single backboard. Fans can also enjoy live music, food tents, and merchandise. The festival falls on the last weekend of June every year and began in 1989.

  • Name: Vapor Lounge
  • Address: 2918 S Regal St Spokane WA 99223
  • Website: https://www.vaporlounge.com
  • Phone: (509) 473-9495
  • Hours: 9 am to 9 pm Daily

Festivities start around 8 am on Saturday and stretch to 5 pm Sunday. So if you want to smoke up the court, you can grab your supplies from Vapor Lounge. They have multiple outlets including one in South Hill, Spokane, Washington. They’re an authorized dealer too.


4. Krew’s Vape

Krew’s Vape

Hoopfest is pretty popular. In 2012, almost 30,000 players participated and close to 200,000 fans attended. Players range from 3rd graders to seniors in their seventies. There’s no restriction on uniforms, so teams have been known to play in quirky Halloween costumes.

If the stands and entertainment options at Hoopfest aren’t sufficiently spicy, swing by Krew’s Vape Shop for a few extra hits. The shop has friendly staff plus a drive-thru window in case you’re rushing back to watch your top team shoot some hoops. Plan for traffic though!


5. Overstock Ecigs & More

Overstock Ecigs & More

What about Father’s Day? Sonora was one of six kids raised by their single dad, a Civil War vet named William Jackson Smart. She suggested celebrating her dad – and all dads – on his birthday, 5th June. But that was pushed to the last weekend of June to provide prepping time.

  • Name: Overstock Ecigs & More
  • Address: 105 E Mission Ave suite D, Spokane, WA, United States, Washington
  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/overstockecigsandmore/
  • Phone: +1 509-552-7598
  • Hours: Monday to Saturday: 10 am to 8 pm; Sunday: Noon to 6 pm

Sonora was inspired to propose the holiday after listening to a Mother’s Day talk about Anna Maria Jarvis, who introduced the holiday in 1876. Sonora heard the sermon in church and suggested the pastors may want to celebrate the dads in the congregation too. They agreed.


6. Best Eciggy

In 2020, the population of Spokane City was around 200,000. The city is part of the Spokane Metropolitan Area – which was estimated close to 600,000 in 2021. Statistically, it’s also part of Spokane–Coeur d’Alene. You can fly into the city via Spokane International Airport.

FYI, many airlines will let you carry a vape as hand luggage, but don’t check it in since the lithium battery could be a problem in the cargo bay. But double-check that your destination is vape-friendly. You don’t want to donate your vape to the confiscation bin at the airport!


7. Average Joe’s Juice LLC

Spokane gets its name from its original inhabitants, the Spokane Native American Tribe. In Salishan, their name means ‘children of the sun’. This language is known as Montana Salish, Séliš, Kalispel–Spokane–Flathead, or Kalispel–Pend d’oreille from the Kalispel Reservation.

  • Name: Average Joe’s Juice LLC
  • Address: 1811 E Holyoke Ave, Spokane, WA 99217
  • Website: avgjoesjuice.com
  • Phone: (509) 960-8107

Native American peace pipes are an important ceremonial tool for bonding and communal rituals. Vapes perform a similar function, whether you’re hanging out with friends, chilling after a tough week, or breaking the ice at a party. You can even get one shaped like a pipe.


8. Hot Rod Vaporz

UNESCO designated Séliš a critically endangered language in 2012 since barely 100 elders of the Flathead Nation and Spokane Reservation spoke it fluently at the time. Some Montana public schools and colleges still offer immersive classes to try revitalizing this local language.

In the spirit of diversity, Hot Rodz Vaporz appeals to all tastes and ages. In addition to e-tobacco products, they sell regular tobacco and accessories. They have a free parking lot and their store is fully wheelchair accessible so you can take your time and browse all the shelves.


9. City Vapor Plus

City Vapor Plus

David Thompson was one of the first European explorers to arrive in the area. He set up Spokane House as a trading post in 1810. By 1881, the Northern Pacific Railway encouraged speculators. The early economy relied on timber, agriculture, and mining (gold and silver).

These industries ruled the city as late as the 1980s. Today, sports and cultural festivals play a huge role as well. But since Washington is fairly open-minded and cosmopolitan, they have a wide array of vape shops to choose from. Many stay open as late as 10 pm, even on weekends.


10. Green Dragon

Green Dragon

The city is also a cultural hub. It boasts two theatres – Bing Crosby and Fox – as well as the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture which is affiliated with the Smithsonian. It’s a religious center, with Episcopals, Roman Catholics, Presbyterians, and Latter-Day Saints represented.

Assuming your faith is … flexible, you could try out the products available at Green Dragon Dispensaries. Their offerings include e-nicotine as well as THC and CBD cartridges. Their available variety is impressive. Enjoy a mild tobacco-based hit or something more spiritual…


11. Kungfu Vapes

Kungfu Vapes

Basketball isn’t the only major sport in Spokane. They also have notable interests in Minor League Baseball and Junior Ice Hockey. Plus, the area hosts the Davenport Hotel, two huge casino hotels, and the Fairchild Air Force Base in Airway Heights, a city suburb in the west.

  • Name: Kungfu Vapes
  • Address: 303 W Main, Spokane, WA 99201, USA
  • Website: https://www.kungfuvapes.com
  • Phone: 509-474-1632
  • Hours: Monday to Saturday: 11 am to 9 pm; Sunday: Noon to 6 pm

Athletes and military personnel both have extreme endurance and above-average physical abilities, so they’re likely to be drawn towards Kungfu Vapes – assuming their training regimens allow a little playful indulgence. Their portable pods are quite pocket-friendly.


12. Sublime Vapor

Sublime Vapor

Downtown Spokane is roughly 5 miles from the airport. Many of the buildings in the area are styled for the Romanesque Revival. After the Great Fire of 1889, these buildings were largely designed by Kirtland Kelsey Cutter. He moved to Spokane as a 26-year-old banking intern.

  • Name: Sublime Vapor
  • Address: 410 E Holland Ave, Spokane WA 99218
  • Website: https://sublime-vapor.com
  • Phone: (509)-468-5243
  • Hours: Monday to Saturday: 10 am to 7 pm; Sunday: 10 am to 5pm

Working at a bank was probably stressful for someone with such an artsy temperament. So if you identify with young Mr. Cutter, you can let off some steam with a quick trip (both puns intended) to Sublime Vapor. The laid-back atmosphere offers the perfect stress-free balm.


13. Zombie Juice

Zombie Juice

Cutter had trained as an illustrator and painter in New York before working at his uncle’s bank. Living in Spokane allowed him to develop his talent and skill as an architect during his downtime. His grandad, Jared Potter Kirtland, was a judge, doctor, naturalist, and politician.

Cutter’s grandad was also a malacologist which means he studied snails and mollusks. But as for Cutter himself, working in the arts gave him peace of mind, and the banking background probably kept his finances in good shape too. But maybe some Zombie Juice will calm you!

Did we forget any of the best vape shops in Spokane, Washington? Tell us in the comments!