How to Stop a Disposable Vape From Auto Firing? (Causes & Fixes)

Are you struggling with your disposable vape because it keeps auto-firing? When it comes to disposable vapes, like any other products, they come with some pros and cons, and even though they are highly affordable, they are prone to malfunctions. And one of the most common problems with disposable vape pens is that they tend to auto-fire! If you are reading this, … Read more

How To Know If Your Vape Is Going to Explode? (Causes & Prevention)

You have probably heard about numerous vape explosions, which dominated the news for a few years, right? Since vapes entered the American market in 2006, they slowly began rising in popularity as a ‘healthier’ alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. More and more people switched to vaping as a substitute for regular cigarettes. In contrast, others used e-cigarettes as a method to quit smoking, which has been … Read more

What Can You Put In A Vape Instead of Juice? (With Step-By-Step Instructions)

what can you put in a vape instead of juice

Are you bored with the regular e-juice and want to try something different? If so, keep reading because this article will discuss alternative liquids for vape devices and how you can make them! There are many reasons why people want to switch to using something different besides store-bought juice- maybe the flavor ban or online sales ban worries you, which is overtaking the US, … Read more

Why Does My Vape Keep Hitting After I Stop? (And How To Fix It)

why does my vape keep hitting after i stop

Let me guess! You are done with vaping and want to place the pen in your pocket, but it seems it still produces vapor. If that is so, do not worry; this is a problem that often occurs with disposable e-cigarettes but also with advanced ones. Furthermore, it is distinctively more pronounced with vape devices featuring auto-fire mode. … Read more

What Happens If You Vape While on Birth Control? (All You Need to Know)

Since 2014, vapes have been rising in popularity, especially among youth, and according to statistics, around 9 million people in the US regularly vape! More and more women are joining the club of vape users, which makes them question the correlation and potential consequences of vaping and using birth control! According to reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), around 65% of women aged … Read more

Is PAX Vape Good Vape Brand?

PAX Vape

PAX Vape Overview PAX Labs, commonly known as PAX, is a renowned vaping brand that started in 2007 as Ploom. The founders were two visionaries namely James Monsees and Adam Bowen. The company engages in the production of vaping devices, pods, and concentrates. During their initial years as Ploom, they categorized their products into two―cannabis … Read more

12 Best Vape Shops in Brickell

12 Best Vape Shops in Brickell

Miami is one of the most vibrant and successful beach cities in the world. And Brickell is considered its financial headquarters. This neighborhood sits to the south of the Central Business District and is east of I-95 (the Interstate Highway that runs from north to south). Let’s learn more about its prosperity as we hunt … Read more

13 Best Vape Shops in Seattle

13 Best Vape Shops in Seattle

Just like its name suggests, Seattle sits by the sea. And although it’s a seaport, the city frames an ocean and a lake instead. Geographically, Seattle lies on an isthmus – a narrow land strip linking two massive locations separated by water, which is why it’s sometimes called a land bridge. Let’s learn more about … Read more

13 Best Vape Shops in Austin

Austin is best known for hosting SXSW, the South by South West Festival. It’s an annual event that features live performances, tech conferences, academic talks, and conventions. Let’s learn more about this famous Texas city as we sniff out the best vape shops in Austin. Best Vape Shops in Austin 1. Double Apple Smoke and … Read more

13 Best Vape Shops in Denver

Sometimes a US city and county have the same geographical borders, so they’re described as coextensive. But the two geographical entities are still run separately. On the other hand, some American cities, like Denver, are constitutionally appointed as a consolidated city and county government. Let’s learn more about that as we explore the best vape … Read more