Vacation Rentals: Perfect for Families

Family Vacation
Photo by Ted Sakshaug via Flickr

Planning a vacation can be daunting and stressful; especially when you’re planning a family vacation. Between managing arguing siblings, making sure everyone is properly fed, and making your way to all the local hot spots, there’s barely any time to actually sit down and relax. Thankfully that’s not the case when you and your family stay with Stay Alfred.


We’ve all been there at one point or another. It’s 6pm, starting to get late, and everyone is hungry. The one problem is, everyone wants to eat something different! Thankfully, when you stay with Stay Alfred, you have access to a fully stocked kitchen. Our guests have the option of dining out and experiencing the local cuisine or stocking up on groceries and preparing meals themselves, making it much easier to make sure everyone’s happy and eliminating the search for the perfect restaurant.  


While on vacation, tensions tend to rise when you’re all cramped in the same stuff hotel room. With only one bathroom and usually only one window it doesn’t take long for the cabin fever to set in. But what if you could spread out? At a Stay Alfred property you can! The kids can relax and watch TV in the living room while you take a nap in peace in the master bedroom. Another reason Stay Alfred is perfect for your next family vacation: you’ll have room to relax, spread out, and breathe.


We know that once you’ve stepped through the front door you’ll never want to leave but the convenient location of Stay Alfred properties makes living like a local a breeze. No more squeezing into the minivan and searching for the next attraction. When you’re family is ready you can simply walk out the front door and you are instantly immersed in the city’s culture. Saving you the time and stress of getting everyone ready and loading them in and out of the car.


Overall there are many reasons why Stay Alfred is perfect for a family getaway. Bur location and convenience can’t be beat. Save your family the stress and plan your next family getaway with Stay Alfred!