Meet your favorite tenant.

Improved NOI, zero lease-up risk—what’s not to love?

We’re the nation’s leading boutique hospitality brand, and we’re your perfect tenant.

When you partner with Stay Alfred, our long-term, secured lease eliminates lease-up risk and substantially improves NOI over conventional apartment revenue models. Our model has been adopted by large-scale, nationally recognized developers, our master leases are financed by conventional project lenders, and we have the most successful track record in the industry.

We’re seeking to form long-term relationships, implementing our master-lease model in your class-A, downtown buildings, whether they’re current inventory, “shovels in the ground” projects or in your future pipeline.

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How we work.

From master-leasing high-end, downtown inventory to furnishing to booking and management of the guest experience, Stay Alfred handles it all.

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It’s all about the master lease.

We’ve created a flexible master-lease model that caters to developers’ financial priorities during any phase of development. Whatever amount of inventory you’d like to convert to boutique hospitality units—an entire property or a single floor in a building shared with long-term residents—we can harness a lease agreement to facilitate your needs.

Low-profile model: Premier Lofts

Contract Phase: Stabilized

Structure: Mixed-use building with both short and long-term rental

Stay Alfred Units: 50 of 386 units

Location: Denver’s Ballpark Neighborhood

Premier Lofts, a stabilized asset located in Denver’s Ballpark district, proved to be best served by Stay Alfred’s medium-touch model, in which resident and building needs are efficiently handled by a lean but effective staffing model featuring self-guided Keycafe app check-in. No lobby staff is present, but local staff is close by if needed. The master lease provides a hedge against declining rental rates in a saturated rental market and eliminates remarketing costs from turnover through right of first refusal.


  • Fixed price per square foot during period of rent depreciation
  • Possession after long-term resident lease expiration, reducing vacancy loss, marketing costs, lease administration, etc.

High-Touch model: 505

Contract Phase: Under construction

Structure: Mixed-use building with both short and long-term rental

Stay Alfred Units: 140 of 293 [10 entire floors]

Location: Downtown Nashville

505, Tennessee’s tallest, most-luxurious, high-rise residential skyscraper—the highest-rated accommodation in Nashville—required a revenue model that would quickly boost the project’s NOI and facilitate a refinance 12+ months in advance of traditional timing. The developer wanted a high-touch model, ensuring that Stay Alfred was on site to support their guests (and the building’s residents) 24/7.


  • 51% leased within 2 weeks of opening
  • Rent commencement for 10 floors upon issuance of C/O
  • NOI boost facilitated long-term refinance 12+ months prior to  anticipated schedule.

Stay Alfred model: Factors Row

Contract Phase: Rehab

Structure: Short term rentals

Stay Alfred Units: 49 of 49 units

Location: Downtown New Orleans

This historic building was under construction when Stay Alfred partnered with the building owners, and the master lease was designed to help them quickly realized increased NOI.


  • 100% fully occupied upon delivery of the building
  • Substantially increased NOI through elimination of lease-up, vacancy loss, turnover, staffing, etc.

Stay Alfred has spent years providing dependable revenue to our partners and a top-notch experience for our guests and long-term building residents. We’re more than ready to exceed your expectations.

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