Still need a place to stay for San Diego Comic Con?

Photo by: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Prepare yourselves- San Diego Comic Con is fast approaching and ready to take over the whole city with fandom, costumes, and other comic-related madness. Do you have your accommodations booked?

Have no fear. At this time, Stay Alfred Vacation Rentals has a number of 2 bedroom apartment rentals available for your Comic-Con adventure. Why stuff your family or group of friends into a 300-square foot overpriced hotel when you can live like a local with twice the amount of space for a comparable rate? PLENTY of room to spread out everyone’s costumes! Our home-like amenities will add all the more comfort to your stay. We understand that Comic Con can be a bit pricey, so with your own kitchen, you’ll have the option of cooking meals in your condo instead of worrying about where to eat out in town all the time. The Comic Con hotel rush can be a bit maddening, so why not consider staying in a vacation rental? Our rental apartments are located in downtown San Diego just a short driving (or even walking) distance from the Convention Center and other venues like Petco Park. Convenient public transportation options can also get you where you need to be in no time!

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Downtown San Diego vacation rentals by Stay Alfred

What is San Diego Comic Con?

San Diego Comic-Con International (or simply SDCC) is a four day entertainment and comic convention that’s been held annually in America’s Finest City since 1970. With around 167,000 attendees just last year, SDCC is easily the largest convention held in all of San Diego. This year, the convention will take place on July 21st to July 24th.

This event is SO enormous and so popular that the San Diego Convention Center is regularly packed to capacity, which means events get moved to other locations including the Gaslamp Quarter, Hilton San Diego, Petco Park, Westfield Horton Plaza, and more. Basically, SDCC truly does take over the whole city. Expect to see attendees wandering around in costumes of all sorts. Even if you’re not part of the event, it’s incredible people watching.

The madness of the SDCC vendor’s hall, Photo by: Kevin Dooley via Flickr

What to expect in 2016? At the moment, we’re not entirely sure- but it’s going to be awesome! According to the website, the OFFICIAL Comic Con schedule won’t be released until 2 weeks before the event. There’s still plenty of time for last minute fun (or last minute celebrity guests) to be added to the mix. Numerous comic artists and film writers have already made a commitment to appear.

Of course, the vendor’s hall at SDCC truly can’t be beat. It is the shopping mall of your nerdy dreams. Hundreds of vendors will gather to sell art, posters, comic books, clothing, costumes, gaming paraphernalia, and countless other fan products.

Genderbent Superhero cosplayers at SDCC, Photo by: John Austin via Flickr

Comic Con wouldn’t be complete without a huge emphasis on cosplay. Cosplay (or costume play) has grown to be one of the highlights of all comic related conventions. Watch or even participate in the 43rd annual costume masquerade. If you’re brave enough to strut your stuff on stage in front of a panel of judges, you might just win a cash prize!

Ready to go? We’d love to help you book your SDCC vacation rental. Skip the crowded hotel experience and stay in a comfortable downtown San Diego vacation home. Click here to learn more about our properties or give us a call at 866-232-3866. Our friendly reservation agents are standing by day and night to assist you.