• Stay Alfred is in 7 Cities (and counting)

    Stay Alfred is in 7 Cities (and counting)

  • The Stay Alfred Advantage

    The Stay Alfred Advantage

  • Stay Alfred Awards and Recognitions

    Stay Alfred Awards and Recognitions

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    The Authoritative Stay Alfred Travel App

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Top Rental Manager Award

Top Rental Manager Award

FlipKey's Top Rental Manager Award 2013

About Stay Alfred Vacation Rentals and Corporate Housing

Stay Alfred – huh?

Yep, that’s us! We are the first Nation Wide Urban Vacation Rental Company. What does that mean? Stay Alfred was founded based on the idea of offering innovative, reliable, and consistent short-term vacation rentals at a price that’s affordable, while making booking, checking-in, and checking-out quick, easy, and stress-free. Booking the perfect stay shouldn’t feel like taking a shot in the dark. At Stay Alfred, we know that guests prefer accommodations that are straight-forward and stress-free.

Stay Alfred’s offerings are ideal for families and corporate travelers alike. No more staying on separate floors and no more sets of side-by-side beds. Our guests enjoy three times the square footage of an average hotel room. They enjoy having separate bedrooms and a real living room. They save money by cooking some of their meals in their complete kitchen. They have a washer/dryer, in case they need it. They get 5-star customer service from our team of dedicated hospitality experts.

And the best part is, our guests know they’re getting all of those things every time, no matter where they stay with us. Your stay with us in Portland will look the same as your next stay in Seattle. Your booking, check-in, check-out will be the same in Denver as it was in Nashville, so you don’t have to wonder. Consistency is our key ingredient.