What Makes a Stay Alfred Vacation Rental Different From a Hotel?

roomsThe secret is officially out: more and more people are choosing to stay in vacation rentals instead of the boring, cookie-cutter hotels that travelers have been accustomed to. Whether you’re looking for more space to stretch your legs or an amazing location in the heart of downtown, vacation rentals are proving themselves to be the first choice for discerning guests. In an ever more crowded marketplace, we’re taking the vacation rental industry to the next level. Here are five differences between a Stay Alfred Vacation Rental and the typical hotel:

5. Space: The average hotel room in the U.S. is 325 square feet. Now consider that that most Stay Alfred rentals are over 1000 square feet. With over three times the space, you’re guaranteed to have plenty of room for everyone to be comfortable.

4. Privacy: Our rentals always have separate bedrooms, making Stay Alfred the perfect choice for families, groups of friends, and even complete strangers. We also have our units professionally cleaned between guests so you never have to worry about some housekeeper barging in on you.

3. Independence: Stay Alfred’s unique system puts the check-in process in your hands. You can come and go as you please without having to wait in line or pay extra for someone to park your car or carry your bags. All of our rentals also have a full kitchen so no more bland continental breakfasts or expensive room service.

2. Location: We scout out the best downtown locations in every city which means as a Stay Alfred guest you know you’ll be in the middle of the action, not stuck out by the airport or surrounded by tourist traps. Being right downtown lets you walk to local restaurants, markets, and much more without the hassle of driving in an unfamiliar city. There is no better way to have an authentic travel experience!

1. Value: The number one reason for choosing a vacation rental over a hotel is the unbelievable value you’ll receive. When you combine everything we’ve just mentioned with the fact that our rentals are usually in the same price range as a typical hotel room, it’s clear that Stay Alfred offers the best way to make the most of your vacation dollar.

For more information and tips on how to stay smart and stay together, visit the Stay Alfred website or download the Stay Alfred mobile app. We’ve also put together this handy packing list specifically for vacation rentals. Stay Alfred is the first nationwide urban vacation rental company offering the space, privacy and value of vacation rental with the convenience of online booking.