Vacation Rentals Leading Innovation in Accommodation

Seattle Vacation Rentals like Stay Alfred – leading innovation in accommodation

In the hotel industry, not a lot has changed in the last 5, 10, well… 50 years. Guests of a hotel can expect the same check in and check out process, lobbies, small desks, luggage bellmen, over-chlorinated pools, and everything else they could expect to find in 1960. This old model tends to limit the modern traveler. Think of a family with 3 kids wanting to visit Seattle (if it’s easier to imagine, a group of six friends can be considered in this same way) – Why stay in a suburb of Seattle, when really, your family (or group of friends) wants to stay down the street from Pike’s Place Market or the Space Needle? Before vacation rentals, the elements in balance were price and convenience. Your party of six can’t stay at a hotel in downtown Seattle without paying way too much, especially if you’re trying to stay anywhere near the Convention Center, or near Safeco Field, or CenturyLink Field to see the Seattle Seahawks. And your room is tiny. And your room MIGHT have a microwave… if you’re in a “deluxe suite”. Travelling with a big family? Two or more couples? A team of your best sales reps? A couple of hotel rooms in those central areas can get quite spendy… and that’s not even mentioning the fact that you’ll probably have to “split up or double up” to accommodate everyone at the same location.

In thinking about the nature of hotels that way, many ask, why aren’t there better options?

Enter vacation rentals. While the hotel industry has been resistant to change, Seattle vacation rentals like Stay Alfred are leading the way in accommodation innovation. Split up or double up NO MORE! There is a wide-spread desire of travelers to spend more quality time with the family/friends/associates they traveled with, and those they traveled to see. Quality time doesn’t happen in a lobby or in separate rooms: quality time happens in a fully furnished, two-bedroom vacation rental towering over the lively streets of Seattle. Our average unit size is over 1,000 square feet – three times the size and space of the average hotel room. Many of our guests at Stay Alfred tell us that having the additional space made them feel much more at home than they typically feel in a hotel, and the home-like amenities really helped save time and money. As one of our guests recently described it, “the meals we made with Pike Place Market fresh ingredients in our unit throughout the week allowed us to spend more time and money enjoying Seattle.” Families vacationing in Seattle don’t need or want someone knocking on their door every morning. They want to stay in a clean, comfortable space that makes them feel like they are at home- away from home.

Travelers, particularly families and business travelers, are showing strong preferences towards home-like features instead of worrying about whether someone will be there to charge to park their car every time. Family vacations don’t need a bellhop- they need a washer and dryer, and a full kitchen comes in handy for the meals they’d rather have a home-cooked meal for. Stay Alfred knows that these home-like amenities are much more important, useful, and relevant for modern travelers. From design and décor, to location and value of staying together, vacation rental companies like Stay Alfred are becoming popular alternatives to hotels, much to the chagrin of hotels.
It will be interesting to see if hotels start to catch on- because unparalleled value, space, privacy, and home-like amenities in unbeatable downtown locations are not fads- they are the demands of the next generation of travelers everywhere.

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