The Greatest of San Diego: Can’t Miss Restaurants

Hodads Burger by richmbythesea via Flickr
Hodads Burger by richmbythesea via Flickr

I can’t be the only one that thinks, “Vacation? Where am I going to eat for the entirety of this trip?” So if you’re like me and if you’re headed to downtown San Diego for a vacation, we have found the places you absolutely have to try. The can’t miss’s. The “if you miss it, you’ll regret it” restaurants.

Cafe 222: Start your day off RIGHT! Terryl Gavre has been a part of the restaurant business since she was 15 and is a well-known restaurateur in Southern California. She opened Cafe 222 immediately after migrating from Seattle to SoCal. Open bright and early seven days a week for more than 20 years the menu is filled with everyone’s favorite classics. From waffles and multiple scrambles to the in-house specialties of different foods you won’t find everywhere, Cafe 222 is the best of San Diego.

Hodads: Consisting of America’s favorite foods; burgers and fries, Hodad’s is a place the entire family will enjoy. Even better, they serve beer and wine. In 2007, “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” host, Guy “The Guido” Fieri made a quick stop at this hot beach location. Guy’s appearance ultimately sent huge herds of burger fans to the west coast. Now in the hands of third generation family member, Shane Hardin, you know you will be treated like family at the multiple Hodads locations.

The 3rd Corner: WINE LOVERS OF AMERICA! Are you looking for something a little classier and upscale, but not too outrageous with prices? The 3rd Corner Wine Shop and Bistro has a multitude of incredible foods available for lunch, dinner, late night, happy hour, and Sunday brunch. There’s literally a menu for every time of day. Located on Ocean Beach in San Diego, you are sure to enjoy a vast selection of the world’s best wine with a delicious meal.

Puesto: From early days in La Jolla before expanding to San Diego, Puesto was destined to make its mark in the booming San Diego Mexican food industry. With a bright and colorful menu, you’re sure in for a treat with whatever you decide to order. In 2015, Puesto earned awards for Best Taco Shop, Best Taco, Best Chips & Salsa, and Best Happy Hour. That’s definitely reason enough to check out this authentic Mexican food restaurant in Southern California.

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