Stay Alfred Introduces Express Check-In

Express Check-InAt Stay Alfred, we’re constantly turning travel assumptions upside down.

We’re committed to becoming the best and most trusted vacation rental company in the United States, and in order to do that, we are always innovating and finding new ways to better serve the needs and desires of our guests.

For the optimal convenience of our guests, we’re proud to introduce Express Check-In to the world of travel accommodations.

Most hotels offer express check-out where guests can leave the keys behind in their room and then feel free to hit the road.However, Stay Alfred Vacation Rentals is the first vacation home company to offer Express Check-In. Some hotels offer a type of express room entry to guests, but it’s usually part of an exclusive loyalty program and guests still have to receive their keys from the front desk in the hotel lobby. When you stay with Stay Alfred, you’re guaranteed to receive the quickest and most convenient check-in possible no matter how many times you have booked with us. No loyalty program is needed. Even first-time guests can have the VIP experience of a completely independent and hassle-free vacation rental entry.

Almost all of our vacation rental locations have a check-in process that puts hotels to shame. It’s different than any other sort of check-in available in the travel industry right now. It’s faster because it allows you to enter your vacation rental at your own pace instead of waiting for a concierge or standing in line. You won’t have to provide anyone with your driver’s license or credit card. You don’t have to talk to anyone or explain any details about your stay. You don’t even have to pick up your keys from a front desk.  After a long day of traveling to your destination, we understand that you just want to check into your room, stretch out, and relax. With Express Check-In, Stay Alfred gives you the freedom to let yourself in. After all, we’re committed to giving you the experience of feeling right at home in your condo.

When you book with Stay Alfred, we’ll send you an email before your stay containing detailed instructions on how to enter your vacation home via Express Check-In. If anything at all is unclear to you, our helpful customer care agents can be reached 24/7 via phone, text, or email to provide you with any sort of assistance you might need. It’s that simple.

Stay Alfred’s introduction of Express Check-In is just one example of how we’re leading the industry by adopting new technologies and challenging outdated assumptions about how travel should be.

If you’re looking to book accommodations with the greatest possible amount of privacy, convenience, and value, Stay Alfred would love to help you find the perfect vacation rental. We always say, “Why cram your friends and family into a 300 square foot hotel room when you can book a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment for a comparable rate?” Give us a call any time of day at 866-232-3864 to speak to one of our helpful reservation agents.