Stay Alfred: Always Striving to Do Better!

Stay Alfred's Values
Stay Alfred’s Values- our giant poster in the company lounge!

I’d like to start with a few quick facts about Stay Alfred Vacation Rentals:
-252% percent growth in 2015
-Prediction of over 200% MORE growth in 2016
-Doubling in revenue every year
-98% positive guest feedback on TripAdvisor
-Named “Top Rental Manager” on FlipKey
-Featured on National Public Radio
-Partnering with Skils’kin in Spokane
-$12,000+ in contributions to Spokane charities in 2015
-Increased number of team members and increased employee benefits
-Managing 270+ five-star vacation rentals in 11 of the USA’s most exciting cities- WOAH!

I joined Stay Alfred four months ago as a marketing specialist, and even though I might be biased, I think it’s safe to say that Stay Alfred Vacation Rentals has been doing incredible. After all, Stay Alfred is one of the fastest growing companies in Spokane, Washington AND the first nationwide vacation rental company to offer space, privacy, and great value with convenient online booking and self-catered check-in. I had stayed in vacation rentals with my family before, but Stay Alfred’s units truly stood out to me due to their downtown locations, top-notch amenities, spacious layouts, and beautiful decorating. Finally- a product I could truly be passionate about marketing! Upon joining the team, I was excited to work with an artistic, fun-loving, and highly motivated group of professionals that seemed to have one clear goal in mind- to always DO BETTER. Here, I quickly learned that doing incredible isn’t enough when our mission is to constantly improve. Doing better isn’t just our mantra; it’s our culture.

A giant poster in our community lounge proudly displays our 6 core values: Happy, Humble, Honest, Hard working, Hungry, and my personal favorite, H-Loyalty.

Much like companies such as Google or Zappos, Stay Alfred faithfully trusts employees to embrace a fun-loving and free spirited organizational culture while still working hard to improve every facet of our company. Our employees have a hunger for an exciting life as well as company progress in all aspects. We seek to hire talent that embodies all of these values, and in return, we value our talent.

While rapid property expansion and cutting-edge customer service are at the forefront of our motivations, Stay Alfred truly believes that if we do better for our team, our team will then, in turn, do better for the most important people of our business- our guests. notes that external customers or guests often can grasp a sense of what a company culture is like. We love that we’re surrounded by an exciting culture because we’re always working with guests who are planning and experiencing exciting vacations, themselves. We’re an example of how companies with more positive and happy work environments are top-tier in providing excellent customer service.

While we strive to do better for our guests and team members, it’s also important for Stay Alfred to remain humble and make sure that we do better for the community. In the past year, we’ve reached out to partner with numerous Spokane-based and nationwide charities.

When you stay with Stay Alfred, we welcome you to reach out to us to let us know how your experience was. We’re so sure that you’ll love our perfectly located vacation rentals, but as I’ve mentioned before, we know that there’s always room to DO BETTER.