Is PAX Vape Good Vape Brand?

PAX Vape Overview

PAX Labs, commonly known as PAX, is a renowned vaping brand that started in 2007 as Ploom. The founders were two visionaries namely James Monsees and Adam Bowen. The company engages in the production of vaping devices, pods, and concentrates.

During their initial years as Ploom, they categorized their products into two―cannabis and nicotine. Accordingly, this led to the formation of Juul in 2016, which highlights e-cigarettes with a USB flash drive structure. Uniquely, these devices made use of nicotine salts from tobacco.

They had then become a key player in the vaping market, pioneering the creation of different vape types like the PAX 1, which are very easy to use and store. These little vapes were almost everywhere, catering to users in need of a small yet very functional vape.

By 2016, Tyler Goldman took over the CEO position but left after a year. In 2017, one of the original founders, Adam Bowen, left the company too. In the same year, PAX Lab was formally established, spinning out from the original brand.

With the changes in the entities, JUUL became a separate brand, and so did PAX Labs. Furthermore, Ploom was no longer in the market. From 2018 to 2019, Bharat Vasan acted as the CEO. Within these years, PAX focused more on the development of vaporizers for cannabis.

At present, the CEO is Adam Cahan while the COO is Steven Jung. Even with the modifications in the ownership as well as the changes in the name, PAX continues to be a relevant name in the industry, offering a good collection of premium vaping products.

Not only that but they also provide a selection of accessories and even apparel to their customers. Surely, it’s safe to say that PAX has surely made a mark in the vaping scene.


  • 660 Alabama St, San Francisco

Key data

Business areas:

There is only one PAX Labs store, which serves as its headquarters. However, they have several third-party retailers across the country. Some of the areas that have retail branches include:

  • San Francisco
  • San Jose
  • San Diego
  • Los Angeles
  • Las Vegas
  • Fresno
  • Washington DC
  • Baltimore
  • Seattle
  • Portland
  • Phoenix
  • Tucson
  • and a lot more

Major milestones/ Achievements:

  • A renowned electronic vaporizer brand in the US

Unlike traditional vaping products, it focused on miniature vaporizers. Accordingly, they are one of the earliest brands that helped with the transitioning of bigger devices to portable ones. This made them a distinct and well-established entity in the American electronic vaporizer industry.

  • Tied up with Japan Tobacco International

In 2012, PAX collaborated with Japan Tobacco International, which truly helped in expanding their market especially during the release of their first product, the Pax 1. From then, they released the Pax 2 and Pax 3, both of which are still widely popular in the industry.

  • Creation of the first cannabis vaporizers with PAX pod cartridges

Another top-notch creation by PAX was the Era, an extract-based vaporizer that functions by heating a food-grade cartridge with pure cannabis oil. These were pretty similar to Juul vaporizes, well except for the composition. More so, these became the first cannabis vaporizers that utilize PAX pod cartridges.

PAX Vape Features

With over a decade in the vaping scene or perhaps one of the pioneers in the industry, PAX has truly cemented its name as a noteworthy vaping brand. Here are some of the key features that continue to make PAX a force to reckon with even after many years.

  • Extensive years and experience in the market
  • A limited yet very specialized catalog
  • Proven and tested products
  • Nationwide availability of products through various retail shops
  • With a mobile app for convenience
  • On the luxury side
  • PAX Vape Price & Series

PAX Vape Price & Series

One of the distinct features of PAX is that they provide a very specialized product line. As a result, they’ve got only limited vaping products that cater to specific vaping needs. In general, their devices are categorized into two, either Flower + Concentrates and Oil Extract Pods.

Aside from these, there are two series that comprise the PAX vape line. To help you understand, let’s take a closer look into the PAX series and ERA Life series:

PAX Series Price & Features ($120 to $250)

  • PAX 2- $120
  • PAX 3 Basic Kit- $160
  • PAX 3 Complete Kit- $200
  • PAX 3 Engraved- $210
  • PAX Mini- $150
  • PAX Plus- $250

The PAX series started the legacy of the PAX brand. It started with PAX 1, which was introduced to the public in 2012. As one of the earliest manufacturers of compact vaporizers, their product was widely acknowledged.

Accordingly, more PAX models were released in the subsequent years―PAX 2 in 2015 and PAX 3 in 2016. PAX 2, in particular, was a remarkable creation, especially during the time of its initial release. In the past, compact vaping devices weren’t a thing.

When PAX 2 was introduced, many were fascinated because of its top-notch features like a long-lasting battery, durable yet classy design, and useful functions. Fast forward to many years later, this device is still kicking, even with the release of PAX 3.

PAX 3 is an upgraded version of PAX 2. A major difference between the two would be the usage. PAX 3 offers dual usage, which means you can use the device either for flower or solid concentrates. Additionally, there are more color options, including onyx, burgundy, sand, and sage.

Furthermore, PAX 3 has different types―Basic Kit, Complete Kit, and Engraved. The Basic Kit is relatively the cheapest one yet with all the relevant amenities that you need such as a flat and raised mouthpiece and standard oven lid. It also comes with a maintenance kit and charge cable.

Meanwhile, the Complete Kit is a bit pricier because it covers extra features on top of the basic inclusions. These are the standard oven lid, concentrate insert and multi-tool. The additions are designed to improve the device’s functionality and your entire vaping experience.

Aside from the physical upgrades, this version also has better battery capacity with one single charge. So, if you’ve got extra dollars, this is definitely worth the splurge. Accordingly, Both PAX Basic and Complete Kits have different color options. These are sand, sage, onyx, and burgundy.

And of course, they have kept up with the competition in the market, releasing PAX Plus and PAX Minis. These are known to be a new generation of portable cannabis vaporizers that provide better vaping designs and functions.

The PAX Plus, specifically, is a premium device that offers more potent puffs from your favorite flower or concentrates. It comes with oven lids for you to easily adjust the bowl size according to your preference. On top of that, it has different Experience Modes― Boost, Efficiency, Flavor, and Stealth.

Each of the new function modes helps you control the vaping sessions to your liking. And as the most advanced device in their collection, this one features a 3D oven screen and upgraded multi-tool for easy cleaning of the pen.

Lastly, there’s the PAX Mini, which is the smallest PAX model to date. But don’t underestimate its miniature size because the device works remarkably. It has only one button that serves as the main power feature. This means you simply press the button and in just 22 seconds, you’d get to taste the vapor.

ERA Life Series Price & Features ($35 to $50)

  • PAX Era – $35
  • ERA Pro – $50

Although PAX Era should be part of the PAX Series because of its name, there’s a specific feature that makes it fall under the ERA Life Series. It’s because ERA Life products are generally devices that are only used for extract pods and not for both flower and solid concentrates.

PAX Era is a perfect embodiment of being small but terrible. Even with its compact size, it brings in very powerful hits. Plus, it has some great features like anti-clog and Patented temperature control. On the other hand, the ERA Pro gives emphasis on higher battery capacity, haptics function, and vibrant LEDs.

Best PAX Vape Flavors


For devices like ERA Pro and PAX Era that make use of cannabis oil, there are different flavors to choose from. Each highlights a certain tang and aroma profile that accommodates specific preferences. But even with the distinct flavors, all cannabis oil produced by PAX is sourced authentically.

Here are some of the best flavors to date that you might be interested in:

  • London Pound Cake – This flavor is definitely a must-have, especially if you’re looking for a combination of both lemon and vanilla. The delightful aroma helps you relax after a long, tiring day.
  • GMO Cookies – GMO stands for Garlic, Mushroom, and Onion. So, if are prefer this kind of unique aftertaste, then this is no doubt for you. The pungent aroma is truly something that gives off a powerful kick.
  • Berry Gelato – Exuding some berry and floral notes, the Berry Gelato is highly recommended to anyone in need of some sweet scent. The sugary aroma certainly uplifts your moods so you’d be able to accomplish your tasks like a pro.
  • Forbidden Fruit – Another remarkable option is the sweet tropical taste of the Forbidden Fruit. The flavors smooth burst with every puff, elevating your mood and giving you a satisfying experience, whether indoors or outdoors.
  • Strawberry Crème – For a combination of strawberry and vanilla, this flavor is truly exceptional. Be amazed at how the aroma energizes and calms you at the same time. Strawberry Crème is undeniably a


Why PAX pods are so expensive?

One of the reasons why PAX pods are pricey is the fact that they have premium features. On top of that, the brand takes pride in its quality assurance, which means all its cartridges are created and inspected by top-notch producers. You’d also get a thorough detail of the ingredients found on your pod.

Is PAX a good brand?

Absolutely! With over 16 years of background in the industry, PAX has carved its name as one of the best vaping companies in the world. This is downright accurate, especially that their PAX 2 model, which was released back in 2015, is still being purchased by many.

Without a doubt, PAX highlights the quality of the product above all. You’d get a durable, classic, and functional device that would last for a long time. These remarkable features certainly compensate for the pricier rates that are evident in most PAX products.

Is the PAX vape worth it?

With its reputation and excellent product line, PAX is considered one of the best vaping devices to date. Although their vape pens are on the luxury side, you are assured of premium quality with better battery performance and more powerful functions.

Where can I buy PAX vapes?

If you want to buy a PAX product, the best option would be to head to one of their authorized retail shops across the country. Don’t worry because there are several branches in almost all states in the US, making it very convenient to avail of their product. Another option would be to purchase it online.

Through their official website, you can simply add to your cart the product that you want and pay for the item and the shipping fee.

Does PAX smell a lot?

Since PAX makes use of cannabis, there would certainly be a mild trace of this organic compound. However, depending on the flavor chosen, the smell would be neutralized. Some flavors even overpower the earthy elements of cannabis. So, it’s recommended to vape in open areas or rooms that are well-ventilated.