Next Stop: San Antonio!


At Stay Alfred we are always on the lookout for our next big city, and there’s a certain Texas metropolis that just keeps popping up at the top of our list (and no, it’s not Austin). Although larger than its weird neighbor to the north, San Antonio doesn’t seem to get as much love. So what is it about this big city with a small town vibe that gets us so excited? In a word: charm. A lot of cities have riverfront parks, but few can beat the beauty of the River Walk’s 15 miles of cypress-lined walkways. Plenty of destinations can claim to be family-friendly, but how many have a Six Flags and Seaworld? Only San Antonio. You can find historical attractions almost anywhere, but what about the Alamo? Forget about it. San Antonio is far more than just a one-trick pony tourist trap, it is a vibrant community that celebrates its unique blend of Spanish, German, Mexican, and even French heritages.

Why do we believe that our guests would love to stay in one of our San Antonio vacation rentals? It’s not just because we’re Spurs fans. There are many things that draw us to this wonderful city. First, we absolutely adore the downtown area. Rarely do you find so many key attractions in the heart of the city. There’s the aforementioned Alamo and River Walk, of course, but don’t forget the Tower of the Americas, San Fernando Cathedral, La Villita Historic Arts Village, and San Antonio Museum of Art. There is also a wide variety of children’s activities, making the city a great destination for family vacations. Kids will love riding the train at Brackenridge Park, home of the San Antonio Zoo and Japanese Tea Gardens. If you’re looking to beat the heat, be sure to check out the Children’s Museum or Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

fiesta medOne of the main reasons our guests choose to stay in a vacation rental instead of a hotel is the opportunity to truly immerse oneself in a city’s culture. And if it’s culture you’re looking for, San Antonio’s got it in spades. The city owes much of its character to the immigrants that followed in the wake of the Spanish missionaries. The original missions still survive today as part of the National Historic Park and are popular attractions for visitors traveling along the Mission Trail. If there is one event that best exemplifies San Antonio, it’s Fiesta (with a capital F). This 10-day spring festival is held in honor of the battles of The Alamo and San Jacinto. Over three million people take part in more than 100 events across the city, the highlight of which are the 3 major parades through downtown (with one actually floating down the San Antonio River).

Of course, not everyone travels just to party. Many of our guests choose to stay with us while they are in town on business or because they are transitioning from one home to the next. This is a big part of our clientele and one of the main reasons we’re excited to add San Antonio vacation rentals to our expanding inventory. The city is growing in a big way. The energy industry in booming, not only from oil and gas development in the Eagle Ford Shale but in the green sector as well. San Antonio recently ranked 6th in the nation for solar power and has set the goal of generating 20% of it energy from renewable resources by 2020. Tech companies are also springing up, with Geekdom fostering over 200 new startups. All of this new innovation and job creation means that people will be flocking to San Antonio for years to come and we plan on being there offering great places to stay while they work and play!

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