Expedia: More Travelers Choosing Vacation Rentals

Although hotels and resorts remain popular selections for Indian travellers planning their future holidays, many are finding other options for accommodation, especially when taking a trip with the family. Those in groups often look to have access to plenty of place and convenient amenities, some of which may not be found in small hotel rooms or in massive resort complexes. Vacation rental homes are a viable alternative for those who may want to have more flexible check in and out times, the ability to cook their own meals, or come and go as they please on private property they have reserved for their holiday.

According to MSNBC, many travellers prefer the idea of renting a vacation home when they are on holiday with small children or in larger groups. Many find that reserving an apartment or home is better than two or more hotel rooms, as the family can be together during the trip but still have their own space. When children head to bed, parents can still spend time in the common rooms without waking little ones, as they may in a communal hotel room. Splitting the cost of a home may be cheaper as well, especially when it comes to meals.

“Staying in a rented apartment or even just a guest room is very new, not many people think of it,” said Henry Harteveldt, travel industry analyst, as told to the news source. “These companies need to raise consumer awareness that this may even be an option.”

The idea of renting vacation homes can be utilised throughout the world, whether Indian travellers wish to take short breaks or try out a long luxury travel experience. For instance, house and apartment rentals for holidays in Hawaii, especially on the island of Maui, are keeping the local economy afloat and allows guests a new and authentic way to explore the area. According to The Maui News, locals are asking the government to allow more of these properties to be available to visitors, as it improves the quality of life and helps promote the island as a viable option for holidays. Hawaii hotels are still going strong, but more individuals hope that tourists will consider renting condos as well while enjoy their stay in Maui.

As the idea of these rental properties gains in popularity, some traditional hotel groups are looking into investing in the industry as well to expand their portfolios and offerings. Wyndham, for instance, may be best known for their international hotels, but they also have a vacation rentals department that offers private homes to travellers across the globe. This April, Bob Mine, president of Wyndham vacation rentals North American division, will be speaking at the Mountain Travel Symposium (MTS) in California about this booming industry. He hopes to share his expertise on holiday rentals as well as his perspective on things like daily travel deals and more.

“I’ve been attending MTS for many years and it has always been a valuable resource for building relationships and keeping up to speed on new trends and ideas affecting the travel industry,” he said.

Indian travellers who like to stay at hotels or resorts but would like to try something new on their upcoming holiday can consider checking out the vacation homes in the destination they plan on visiting. This may be a great way to cook meals with local ingredients, enjoy a large space with the whole family and save with a tight budget that allows travellers to check out more attractions while on their getaway.

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