Delicious Philly Food Spots

When you mention Philadelphia, many people’s’ minds automatically think of two things: terrible sports fans and cheesesteak. But what most Philly travelers don’t realize is that hiding under the looming shadow of the famous Philly Cheesesteak is an array of foodie favorites and impressively decadent dishes.


PYT. Photo by Jessica Rossi via Flickr

For starters: Federal Donuts. The only place you need to stop in Philly for doughnuts and fried chicken. Drop in and try the classics like a chocolate eclair or old-fashioned glazed or step out of your comfort zone and opt for a grapefruit brulee or a strawberry lavender instead. Once you’ve had your fill of doughnuts there’s no shame in coming back for dinner. With seasonings and glazes such like chili garlic, honey ginger, and sweet soy garlic you may find it difficult to eat anywhere else!


If you’re a history buff, you’ll want to add Bassetts Ice Cream to your list of daily activities. Founded in 1861, Bassetts still stands as America’s oldest ice cream company and has had plenty of time to perfect their variety of flavors; both traditional and not. With flavors ranging from butter almond to Guatemalan ripple, you may find it difficult to try only one.


If you hadn’t had your fill of doughnuts yet, there one more to try. Head on down to PYT and try ‘The Doh! Nut’ for yourself. Comprised of copious amounts of cheese, bacon, and burger, all surrounded by fried dough goodness. This eclectic burger joint puts a new spin on the cheeseburger, announcing a brand-new crazy burger concoction every week, with specialties such as the Cocoa Krispies Chicken Burger and the PB&J bun burger.
Plan a trip and visit Philadelphia for your next foodie adventure!