Debunking the Myths About Vacation Rentals

As vacation rentals move into the spotlight, there continues to be a lot of myths and misconceptions out there about the industry. People who have never used a vacation rental don’t know what to expect, especially with the pushback from traditional lodging interests muddying the waters. Here are 7 persistent myths about vacation rentals:


Myth: Vacation rentals are only for the wealthy.

Truth: Vacation rentals often offer huge cost savings compared to other lodging options because large groups are able to stay together instead of booking multiple hotel rooms. On top of that, you’ll be able to save on foods cost by cooking for yourself instead of dining out for all your meals.


Myth: Vacation rentals aren’t secure or reliable forms of lodging.

Truth: Professional management companies make sure that their rentals have proper inspections, maintenance, housekeeping, laundry, and much more. Furthermore, professionally managed vacation rentals often provide better guest and concierge services than traditional lodging,


Myth: There’s no one to help me if I need assistance during my trip

Truth: When renting through a professional management company, there is always an emergency contact to call 24/7 for any questions or maintenance issues. Nearly all management companies have staff dedicated to customer care and assisting with guests’ needs.


Myth: Someone will try to sell me something.

Truth: Vacation rentals are not like timeshares. They do not involve any type of ownership, maintenance fees, or commitments of any sort. As a guest, you simply check in and out just like you would at a hotel.


Myth: Vacation rentals are only a good value for large families and groups.

Truth: There are many different types of vacation rentals, from studio-size condos in metro areas to huge houses able to accommodate scores of people. There are options for single travelers, couples, small and large groups, all offering great values.


Myth: I’ll have to stay for a minimum of seven nights.

Truth: Vacation rentals have adapted to the changing preferences of travelers. Guests looking for a short stay can often find established rental companies with little or no minimum stay requirements, especially during off-season time periods.


Myth: I can’t get the same luxuries as I can in a hotel.

Truth: Professional vacation rental management companies provide guests with the opportunity to experience all the benefits of traditional lodging with additional amenities and an inherent value that remains unmatched. Management companies often include concierge services as well as options for in-home massages and spa treatments, personal chefs, grocery delivery, child care, and much more!


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