Dear Santa, From Stay Alfred

Dear Santa,

We know this is a busy time of the year for you and you’re probably getting a lot of letters, not to mention managing your production line and streamlining your distribution chain. We’ll try to keep this brief. We’ve been really good this year. We added a lot of new properties, opened up a new city, and our customer service team has been amazing. We’re even moving into a new office soon! Anyway, we feel that some gifts may be in order, so we put together a short list for you:

Diana, Marketing: Horse head squirrel feeder. Hilarious! You’ll probably want one too.

Keari, Operations: Portable briefcase record player. I bet you have some left over from the 80s.

Deb, Customer Service: A cool pencil holder for her desk because the one she has is lame.

Connor, Operations: Full size stainless steel dual tap kegerator, definitely not for the office (we swear).

Alex, IT: A Steve Jobs poster. Or was it a Bill Gates one? I can’t remember which.

Jonathan, Reservations: A new computer with all the bells and whistles. What is it with these guys and Apple?

John, Reservations: Wants some more time in the day. Sounds like he needs an alarm clock.

Skyler, Marketing: 10,000 Likes on Facebook. This book would be helpful.

Randie, Customer Service: A foot hammock for under her desk. Actually you can just get one of these for all of us.

Pete, Marketing: Desktop USB Rocket Launcher. Apparently this is a thing.

Jason, Reservations: 2 feet of snow in Colorado and a week stay in one of our Denver units. If you take care of the snow, we’ll handle the rest.

smileyWell Mr. Claus, that about does it for us here in the office. We’re wishing you safe travels on your big night. And don’t worry, we know you have a lot on your plate so we won’t be too bummed if we don’t get everything on the list. Except that kegerator.


The Stay Alfred Crew