City of Seafood: Best Sushi Spots in Seattle

From the famous fish tosses of Pike Place Market to the Ballard locks salmon ladder, Seattle’s distinct seafood culture is part of what makes this city so special. Naturally, Seattle is one of Stay Alfred’s favorite cities to sample sushi. After asking my sushi-obsessed office what restaurants in Seattle were the best, these were the top contenders. Feel free to let us know what sushi restaurants in town you have had the best experience at. Enjoy- and don’t forget to make a reservation!

Seattle Sushi
Maki roll style sushi, Photo by: Suzette via Flickr

Sushi Kashiba: Shiro Kashiba is Seattle’s own master sushi chef. Kashiba, an apprentice to famed world’s best sushi chef Jiro Ono from “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”, has delighted sushi snobs everywhere by opening his latest restaurant in Pike Place in late 2015. Sushi Kashiba might have a high price tag, but it doesn’t disappoint. Incredibly fresh fish is paired with other interesting seafood elements to create sushi as it is supposed to be savored. You’ll be graced with attentive service and helpful presentations on what you are eating. 86 Pine Street #1, (206)441-8844

Shiro’s: Chef Kashiba also opened this 11 seat restaurant in Belltown in 1994. Though Kashiba has since moved on to work at Sushi Kashiba, the excellence of this Spartan-simple yet iconic restaurant still lives on through lead chef Jun Takai. Expect incredibly fresh seafood and traditional Japanese fare at its finest. 2401 2nd Avenue, (206)443-9844

Mashiko Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar: We’re not letting Shiro Kashiba’s restaurants steal all the attention. Mashiko is another high-end sushi spot in town with an enthusiastic fan base and rave reviews. What makes Mashiko special? It is Seattle’s first 100% sustainable sushi restaurant. The chef knows where every single piece of piece of seafood is coming from and prepares it with delicate care. A perfect place for special occasions. 4725 California Avenue SW, (206)935-4339

Japonessa Sushi Cocina: Looking for a more unique sushi experience? Japonessa combines Spanish flavors and flair to sushi without compromising the taste of quality cut fish. Despite the non-traditional sushi preparation methods, Japonessa is a favorite of Seattleites. The sushi isn’t the only fantastic thing here- the sake cocktails will not disappoint. 1400 1st Avenue, (206)971-7979

Momiji: With a serene, Japanese decorated interior and delicious fish cuts, Momiji has become a popular choice for sushi that’s a bit more affordable than some of the more high-end spots in town. With friendly service, a pleasant atmosphere, and a great drink menu, Momiji allows you the full Seattle sushi experience without the sushi-snob vibe. 1522 12th Avenue, (206)457-4068

Tsukushinbo: Don’t forget about this spot just because the name might be a bit difficult to say! If you’re looking for a wide selection of both sushi and other Japanese delights in a friendly atmosphere, this slightly hidden spot in the International District might be the perfect place for you. 515 South Main Street, (206)467-4004

Umi Sake House: This popular, bustling Belltown spot is known for both delectable sushi and a well-loved happy hour. While traditional sushi restaurants are more quiet, serene, and simple, Umi’s large, club-like interior and extended drink menu is perfect for a fun night out. 2230 1st Avenue, (206)374-8717

Hidden Gem!
Wataru: This totally unassuming restaurant hasn’t caught the public eye quite yet in Seattle. Tucked away on the main street in the Ravenna neighborhood, Wataru is truly a small but pleasant surprise. Chef Kotaro Kumita (who apprenticed under Shiro Kashiba, of course) only accepts 6 diners at the bar at a time where you can watch as he single-handedly creates sushi for everyone in the restaurant. The whole restaurant only seats 24. With Chef Kumita being the sole chef in this restaurant, don’t come here expecting a rapid dining experience. The foodies are slowly finding out about this place- make a reservation before you have to fight for one! 2400 NE 65th Street, (206)525-2073

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