5 Spots to Swing by in the French Quarter

Since opening our vacation rentals near the French Quarter in New Orleans, there’s been no doubt that NOLA has become one of Stay Alfred’s most popular cities. With so many exciting attractions and cultural musings, it’s no wonder why guests from all over the world flock to this legendary Southern oasis. As the oldest neighborhood in the city, the French Quarter has been the epicenter of numerous cultural shifts that make NOLA the special place it is today. From the birth of Jazz music, to the popularity of Mardi Gras culture on Bourbon Street, The French Quarter has spots where you can truly feel the vibe of The Big Easy.

The Beauty of the French Quarter
The Beauty of the French Quarter, Photo by: llambrano via Pixabay

Spotted Cat Music Club: As you might have heard before, New Orleans is commonly referred to as the birthplace of Jazz music. Even if you’re not a huge jazz fan, it’s worth it to swing by this beloved music venue for an early evening performance. By the time it gets dark out, this small venue becomes packed with locals and tourists alike.

The Spotted Cat Music Club
Afternoon performance at The Spotted Cat Music Club, Photo by: Mike Fay via Flickr

Fleurty Girl: Even if you can’t stand gift shops, you might just like this one. Have a friend or family member that is difficult to buy for? Numerous goods with specifically NOLA sense of humor await you at this favorite French Quarter gift boutique. The “inside joke” items are so popular that even locals shop here. Even though the store is called Fleurty GIRL, there are still many gifts available for men, as well.

Coop's Place
Fresh Louisiana Crab Claw at Coop’s Place, Photo by: City Foodsters via Flickr

Coop’s Place: There might be a line at this hot spot- but it’s not only the tourists. Locals and tourists alike frequent this spot for unbeatable Cajun and Creole eats. Whether you’re more into red meat or seafood, there’s plenty of options available for you at this NOLA gem. Recommended: Fresh Lousiana marinated crab claw with coleslaw

Beignets at Cafe Du Monde
Famous beignets and coffee at Cafe du Monde, Photo by: Leigh Klotz via Flickr

Cafe Du Monde: This one is a must for those who visit the French Quarter. Yes, the clientele is unashamedly touristy, but the bites are incredible and worth the inevitably long line. Not sure what to order? The classic beignets and chicory-flavored coffee, of course. Tired of standing in line? See if there’s inside seating available (as most people don’t even know about it). If all else fails, Cafe Beignet nearby is arguably just as good.

Old Absinthe House
Old Absinthe House on Bourbon Street, Photo by: Jason Persse via Flickr

Old Absinthe House:  While there are more iconic bars to visit in the French Quarter, the Old Absinthe House on Bourbon Street definitely boasts an interesting menu and rich history. Back in the day, Andrew Jackson planned a battle with British Forces in this very bar. Sometime later, a delectable drink called the Absinthe Frappe was born. Despite the fantastic drinks, this bar is definitely nothing fancy. Make of it what you will!

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