Where to Stay in Brussels: Top Accommodation Picks for 2023


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Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is an exciting and bustling city with a rich history and plenty of attractions for both tourists and locals to explore. Known for its iconic landmarks, such as the Atomium, Manneken Pis, and the stunning Grand Place, the city offers a mix of old-world charm and modern cosmopolitan vibes. Choosing the right place to stay during your visit is essential for experiencing the best that Brussels has to offer.

There are various neighborhoods to explore when searching for the perfect place to stay in Brussels. Each area has its unique charm and caters to different types of travelers. The Historic City Centre, home to the famous Grand Place, is an excellent choice for first-time visitors looking to be close to the primary tourist attractions. Meanwhile, avant-garde travelers might find Saint Gilles, dubbed the coolest place to stay in the city, more their style.

To help you find your ideal home-away-from-home, we’ve scoured the web and combined our research with our own knowledge to bring you everything you need to know about where to stay in Brussels. Whether you’re traveling on a budget, looking for something luxurious, or need family-friendly accommodations, our article has got you covered. Brussels truly is a city that offers a little something for everyone, and we’re here to help you make the most of your visit.

Neighborhood Guide

Grand Place

The Grand Place, a historic city center, is the best area to stay in Brussels for first-time visitors. This neighborhood is home to iconic landmarks like Manneken Pis and Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert. You’ll be surrounded by beautiful architecture, numerous shops, and an abundance of delicious restaurants.

Fun Fact: The Grand Place is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Things to do:

  • Visit the Town Hall
  • Admire the picturesque guild houses
  • Explore the Brussels City Museum

European Quarter

The European Quarter is the political and administrative heart of Brussels. This area is ideal for those interested in international institutions or simply looking for a modern and well-connected neighborhood.

Interesting Story: This area is home to the headquarters of both the European Union and NATO.

Things to do:

  • Visit the Parlamentarium
  • Check out the House of European History
  • Relax in Leopold Park


Ixelles is a trendy and lively neighborhood, offering the best of both worlds in Brussels. With elegant streets, renowned museums, and a buzzing nightlife, Ixelles attracts a diverse crowd.

Fun Fact: The Ixelles Ponds are a beautiful green space, perfect for a leisurely walk.

Things to do:

  • Discover the art nouveau architecture
  • Go shopping along Avenue de la Toison d’Or
  • Enjoy the local bars and clubs

Saint Gilles

Saint Gilles is a Bohemian neighborhood popular with young artists, musicians, and writers. With a calendar full of fun festivals and cultural events, this area is a great choice for those looking for an immersive experience.

Interesting Story: Saint Gilles houses the Wiels Contemporary Art Center, a former brewery converted into a thriving cultural hub.

Things to do:

  • Explore the colorful street art
  • Try your hand at a local art workshop
  • Attend a live music event


Sablon is one of Brussels’ most charming neighborhoods, offering both luxury and budget options for visitors. Sablon is within walking distance of popular tourist sights while still providing a peaceful atmosphere.

Fun Fact: This area is known for its antique shops, galleries, and delicious Belgian chocolate shops.

Things to do:

  • Browse the antique and art markets
  • Indulge in some Belgian chocolates
  • Admire the stunning architecture of the Notre-Dame du Sablon

Accommodation Types

Brussels offers a variety of accommodation types to suit different preferences and budgets. In this section, we will discuss some of the popular options such as hotels, hostels, Airbnb, and bed and breakfasts.


There are numerous hotels in Brussels, ranging from budget-friendly options to luxurious properties. Some popular budget hotels include Argus Hotel Brussels and Hotel Chambord. For a more upscale experience, you can consider Rocco Forte Hotel Amigo or The Hotel Brussels.

A few mid-range hotels are:

  • 9Hotel Sablon
  • Le Berger Hotel
  • Hotel Le Louise Brussels – MGallery


Hostels are an excellent choice for budget travelers and those seeking a more social atmosphere. Some popular hostels in Brussels are:

  • Sleep Well Youth Hostel
  • Generation Europe Youth Hostel
  • Brussels 2GO4 Quality Hostel City Centre


Airbnb offers a wide range of accommodation options, from private rooms to entire apartments and houses. This option is great for travelers who prefer a more local and personalized experience. You can easily find listings in various neighborhoods and price ranges to suit your needs. Don’t forget to read reviews and communicate with the host before booking!

Bed and Breakfasts

For those who prefer a more intimate and cozy atmosphere, bed and breakfasts are a great choice. These accommodations often offer unique and charming rooms, delicious breakfasts, and personalized service from the hosts. Some popular options in Brussels are:

  • Les Chambres de Martin
  • Maison Flagey Brussels
  • B&B Le Verger

Fun Fact or Interesting Story

Did you know that Brussels is famous for its comic strip heritage? The city is home to the Belgian Comic Strip Center, a museum dedicated to comic books and their creators, as well as numerous murals featuring iconic characters such as Tintin and The Smurfs.

Things to do

While visiting Brussels, you should definitely check out popular attractions such as Grand Place, Atomium, and Mini-Europe amusement park. Don’t miss exploring the vibrant neighborhoods like Saint-Géry for nightlife and Avenue Louise for shopping.

Budget Considerations

Budget Accommodations

Brussels has a variety of budget accommodations for travelers looking to save money. One option is Sleep Well, a boutique hostel with a central location, only ten minutes on foot from Grand Place. The hostel offers a modern look and feel, with a spacious lobby.

Another alternative for budget-conscious travelers is the B&B Hotel Brussels Centre Gare du Midi. This budget hotel is centrally located, making it a convenient place to stay for those who want a last-minute check-out before catching the train or bus to the airport.

Here are some budget accommodations in Brussels:

  • Sleep Well
  • B&B Hotel Brussels Centre Gare du Midi

Mid-Range Options

There are several mid-range options for travelers who are willing to spend a little more for comfort while still maintaining a reasonable budget. In Sablon, a trendy neighborhood, you can find 9Hotel Sablon, a stylish and comfortable option with easy access to art galleries, restaurants, and shops.

For those seeking a more local atmosphere, consider staying in the Le Berger Hotel located in Sablon as well. This hotel offers a unique and charming experience with a touch of history.

Mid-range options in Brussels:

  • 9Hotel Sablon
  • Le Berger Hotel

Luxury Stays

For travelers who want to indulge themselves and experience top-notch accommodations, Brussels has several luxury stay options. One highly-rated option is the Hotel Amigo, which is well-known for its exceptional service and prime location near the historic Grand Place.

Another great option is the Le Louise Hotel Brussels – MGallery, offering elegant rooms and a soothing ambiance, perfect for those looking to relax and pamper themselves.

Luxury stays in Brussels:

  • Hotel Amigo
  • Le Louise Hotel Brussels – MGallery

Fun Fact or Interesting Story

Did you know that Brussels is known as the “capital of the European Union”? The city hosts important European institutions, including the European Commission and the European Parliament, making it a hub for international politics.

Things to Do

Apart from visiting the EU institutions, there are numerous things to do in Brussels, such as exploring the historic Grand Place, admiring the iconic Manneken Pis statue, and indulging in Belgian chocolates and waffles. Brussels also has a vibrant art and design scene, with many galleries and museums to explore, such as the Magritte Museum and the Atomium.

Safety Tips

When visiting Brussels, it’s important to keep some safety tips in mind. Brussels is generally a safe place to visit, but it’s always good to be cautious and aware of your surroundings.

  • Be vigilant when using public transportation, particularly the train. Watch your belongings and avoid placing bags in overhead compartments where thieves can grab them. Keep an eye on your luggage at the end of carriages, especially just before the doors close for the train to depart, as thefts have been reported.
  • The city center is a popular area for tourists and is known for being one of the safest places to stay in Brussels. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to become familiar with your surroundings and take note of escape routes from your accommodation in case of emergencies.

Here are some additional safety tips for a pleasant stay in Brussels:

  • Avoid walking alone at night, particularly in unfamiliar neighborhoods. Stick to well-lit, busy streets.
  • Keep an eye on your belongings, especially in crowded tourist areas. Pickpocketing incidents are not uncommon, so it’s a good idea to use zipped bags or pouches and keep your valuables close to your body.
  • Be cautious when using ATMs. Skimming devices have been found on some machines in the city, so it’s best to use a machine located inside a bank or one that has CCTV cameras.

Fun fact: The Atomium, a famous landmark in Brussels, was originally built for the 1958 Brussels World’s Exposition and has become an iconic symbol of the city. Inside this impressive metallic structure, you can visit exhibition halls, a restaurant with panoramic views, and even spend the night in one of its spheres!

Now that you’re aware of these safety tips, you can enjoy the many things Brussels has to offer, from its beautiful architecture and vibrant street art to delicious food and lively culture. Don’t miss out on visiting the Grand Place, strolling through the Galerie Royales Saint-Hubert, or exploring the Musical Instruments Museum – all must-see attractions in this dynamic capital city.

Public Transportation

Brussels offers a reliable and extensive public transportation network, making it easy for visitors to navigate the city. The network consists of buses, trams, and the metro, all operated by the STIB-MIVB company. The city is also known as a hub for road, rail, and air transportation, which benefits travelers during their stay.

The metro in Brussels consists of four lines, numbered 1-6:

  • Line 1: Stockel/Stokkel to Gare de l’Ouest/Weststation
  • Line 2: Simonis (Elisabeth) to Simonis (Leopold II)
  • Line 5: Herrmann-Debroux to Erasme/Erasmus
  • Line 6: Roi Baudouin/Koning Boudewijn to Simonis (Elisabeth)

These lines cover a wide area and connect many tourist attractions, shopping centers, and neighborhoods, including the popular City Center and Grand Place areas.

Trams in Brussels also offer a comprehensive service, with 18 different tram lines operating around the city, while buses provide access to areas not covered by the metro and tram networks.

One thing to be mindful of is the ticketing system. It is recommended to purchase a contactless MOBIB card, as this can save you time and money. With this card, you can load different tickets or passes depending on your needs, such as:

  • Single journey tickets
  • 24-hour passes
  • 48-hour passes
  • 72-hour passes

Keep in mind that there are other transport options like bicycles or scooters that can be rented through various bike-sharing platforms, making it easier to explore while enjoying Brussels’ picturesque streets.

Fun Fact or Interesting Story

Did you know that Brussels is home to the world’s first comic strip museum, the Belgian Comic Strip Center? This unique attraction showcases the history of Belgian comics and highlights famous characters like Tintin, the Smurfs, and Lucky Luke. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a piece of Belgian culture while learning about the art and history of comic strips!

Things to do

There is no shortage of exciting activities in Brussels! Some must-see attractions include:

  • Visiting the iconic Atomium, a famous structure from the 1958 World Exposition
  • Exploring the historic Grand Place, with its stunning architecture and vibrant atmosphere
  • Sampling delicious Belgian chocolate at one of the city’s numerous chocolate shops
  • Discovering the European Parliament and learning about the history of the European Union
  • Enjoying a refreshing Belgian beer at one of the many breweries or bars around town

Be sure to take advantage of the public transportation options available, allowing you to make the most of your stay in Brussels while exploring all the city has to offer.

Travel Tips

When planning a trip to Brussels, choosing the right neighborhood to stay in is crucial. There are several popular areas in the city, each with its unique charm and attractions. Here are a few suggestions to make your stay in Brussels enjoyable and memorable.

One of the best areas to stay for first-time visitors is the City Centre. This neighborhood offers easy access to famous attractions such as the Grand Place, Manneken Pis, and the Royal Palace. Don’t forget to check out the Royal Gallery of Saint Hubert in the adjacent Îlot Sacré, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Brussels.

For those on a budget, consider staying in The Marolles, a lively and authentic area with lots of thrift shops, flea markets, and affordable accommodations. Just a short walk away, you can find trendy Saint Gery, known for its vibrant nightlife.

If you’re looking for a more local atmosphere, Sablon is an excellent choice. This artsy neighborhood features chic fashion stores, cozy cafes, art galleries, and some of Brussels’ finest chocolate shops.

Another great area to consider is Avenue Louise, which boasts luxurious hotels, high-end shopping, and elegant restaurants. Nearby, the charming Ixelles neighborhood offers a diverse array of bars, eateries, and cultural attractions.

Fun Fact

Did you know that Brussels is famous for its comic book culture? In fact, you can find more than 50 comic book murals throughout the city that showcase iconic characters like Tintin, Lucky Luke, and the Smurfs. Be sure to take a comic book walking tour to discover these colorful masterpieces!

Things to Do

While you’re in Brussels, don’t miss out on the following activities:

  • Visiting the Atomium, a unique, futuristic structure built for the 1958 World’s Fair
  • Exploring Mini-Europe, a park showcasing the most famous landmarks of the European Union, all in miniature form
  • Taking a guided tour or brewery visit to learn more about Belgian beers, which are often considered some of the best in the world
  • Enjoying a delicious waffle or cone of fries from a local street vendor for an authentic Belgian culinary experience
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