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Stay Alfred – huh?

Yep, that’s us! We are the first Nationwide Urban Vacation Rental Company. What does that mean? Stay Alfred was founded on the idea of offering innovative, reliable, and consistent short-term vacation rentals at a price that’s affordable, while making booking, checking-in, and checking-out quick and easy. Booking the perfect stay shouldn’t feel like taking a shot in the dark. At Stay Alfred, we know that guests prefer accommodations that are straight-forward and stress-free.

Stay Alfred’s offerings are ideal for families and corporate travelers alike. No more staying on separate floors and no more sets of side-by-side beds. Our guests enjoy three times the square footage of an average hotel room. They enjoy having separate bedrooms and a real living room. They save money by cooking meals in their own kitchen. They have a washer and dryer in case they need it. On top of it all, they get 5-star customer service from our team of dedicated hospitality experts.

The hybrid Stay Alfred model has been a big hit- since opening for business in 2011, and the best part is, our guests know they’re getting all of those things every time, no matter where they stay with us. Your stay with us in Portland will feel the same as your next stay in Seattle. Your booking, check-in, and check-out will be the same in Denver as it was in Nashville, so you don’t have to wonder. Consistency is our key ingredient.

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Vacation Homes

We constantly develop new technology to maintain our status as an industry leader. This technology allows us to efficiently communicate with our guests, buildings and staff 24/7.

Downtown Locations

We work with our building owners and managers to ensure that all concerns are addressed. We have maintained residency in some of our buildings for over three years.


Having a clean property is mutually beneficial for the building and our guests, which is why we work with professional cleaners to ensure our apartments are consistently cleaned to a high standard.

About Us

Jordan Allen Jordan Allen

Jordan Allen


Nancy Allen Nancy Allen

Nancy Allen

Legal Compliance

Roth Fouty Roth Fouty

Roth Fouty

Director of Software

Chris Erickson Chris Erickson

Chris Erickson

Accounting Director

Ralph Baard Ralph Baard

Ralph Baard

Grant Guinn Grant Guinn

Grant Guinn

VP of Product Development

Doug Truitt Doug Truitt

Doug Truitt

Revenue Director

Randie Douse Randie Douse

Randie Douse

People & Culture Manager

Shannon Eaglin Shannon Eaglin

Shannon Eaglin

Regional Manager

Sharma Meckelson Sharma Meckelson

Sharma Meckelson

Regional Manager

Scott McCabe Scott McCabe

Scott McCabe

Lead Software Engineer

Karen Febus Karen Febus

Karen Febus

Guest Services Manager

John deRoulet John deRoulet

John deRoulet

Reservation Director

Tami Meador Tami Meador

Tami Meador

Logistics Director

Jonathan Robles Jonathan Robles

Jonathan Robles

Assistant Manager

Sue King Sue King

Sue King

Office Manager

Jasen Quenzer Jasen Quenzer

Jasen Quenzer

Lead Reservations Specialist

Debrah Stark Debrah Stark

Debrah Stark

Assistant Manager

Amy Violette Amy Violette

Amy Violette

Assistant Manager

Keari Sager Keari Sager

Keari Sager

Operations Specialist

April Batchelor April Batchelor

April Batchelor

Sales Support Specialist

Emily Grant Emily Grant

Emily Grant

Operations Specialist

T Mike Miller T Mike Miller

T Mike Miller

Senior Reservations Specialist

Nate Brown Nate Brown

Nate Brown

Guest Services Support Staff

Calyx Fleming-Dolce Calyx Fleming-Dolce

Calyx Fleming-Dolce

Logistics Specialist

Zach Malone Zach Malone

Zach Malone

Logistics Specialist

Jason Perry Jason Perry

Jason Perry

Reservations Specialist

Anni Glogovac Anni Glogovac

Anni Glogovac

Legal Intern

Paul Lascik Paul Lascik

Paul Lascik

Reservations Specialist

Paige Reparuk Paige Reparuk

Paige Reparuk

Legal Intern

Teresa Turpin Teresa Turpin

Teresa Turpin

AP Specialist

Kim Bates Kim Bates

Kim Bates

Payroll Specialist

Shane Fouts Shane Fouts

Shane Fouts

Revenue Specialist

Lauren Jerde Lauren Jerde

Lauren Jerde

Marketing Specialist

Maddi Dykeman Maddi Dykeman

Maddi Dykeman

Sales Support Specialist

Michael Munguia Michael Munguia

Michael Munguia

Reservations Specialist

Jane Caracaus Jane Caracaus

Jane Caracaus

Senior Reservations Specialist

Donald Van Dam Donald Van Dam

Donald Van Dam

Senior Reservations Specialist

Andy Bruno Andy Bruno

Andy Bruno

Reservations Specialist

Kyle Davidson Kyle Davidson

Kyle Davidson

Reservations Specialist

Alexandra Roland Alexandra Roland

Alexandra Roland

Sales Support Specialist

Christine Morris Christine Morris

Christine Morris

Guest Service Specialist

Branden Caudle Branden Caudle

Branden Caudle

Guest Service Specialist

Morgan Schmidt Morgan Schmidt

Morgan Schmidt

Guest Service Specialist

Caleb Larson Caleb Larson

Caleb Larson

Guest Service Specialist

Tierney Volger Tierney Volger

Tierney Volger

Guest Service Support Specialist

Lauren Pease Lauren Pease

Lauren Pease

Logisitics Project Coordinator

Ben Nadler Ben Nadler

Ben Nadler

Guest Service Specialist

Benjamin Reuland Benjamin Reuland

Benjamin Reuland

Reservations Specialist

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Our Founders Story

Jordan Allen, CEO & Founder of Stay Alfred, is a decorated US Army veteran. He served two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as a US captain and airborne ranger. Jordan received a combat action badge for outstanding leadership when his troop was struck by a roadside bomb. He is also a Bronze Star recipient

In 2011, after a fifteen-month deployment on a special forces outpost in Afghanistan, Jordan sought some traditional “R&R.” He decided to take a trip to watch the Colorado Rockies home opener with family and friends. Little did he know, this vacation would spark the idea for Stay Alfred, now respected as one of the nation’s fastest growing hospitality ventures.  

Tasked with the challenge of finding accommodations for his large party without splitting the group between multiple hotel rooms, Jordan booked a downtown Denver vacation rental. It was an elegant solution, adjacent to Coors Field and the vacation rental provided a fresh and convenient hospitality experience. Jordan liked that his father was able to have his own bedroom, there was a full kitchen for him to cook pre-game snacks in, there was a washer and dryer for him to wash his gym clothes after working out and that the building had a pool. Inspired by the vacation rental experience, Jordan did research and and found there was no nationwide vacation rental leader that consistently merged the quality of a hotel with the space and convenience of downtown apartment living. When Jordan returned to the military he had his mind set on one goal for when he came home again: to become a leader in the vacation rental industry. Jordan's goal involved providing a consistent experience in high-end apartment buildings found in the best downtown locations across the nation. 

In 2011, Stay Alfred opened up some of its first vacation rentals in Seattle, Washington. Capitalizing on early success, the company invested in itself and expanded rapidly into more major metropolitan cities across the country. Fast forward to 2016, Stay Alfred has provided a consistent vacation rental experience to over 150,000 guests in twelve major metropolitan cities, and counting!

More about Jordan: Jordan graduated from Portland State University in 2005 with a degree in business. He played defensive end for the Portland State Vikings and claims he knew very early in his football career that he was not going to make the draft. Jordan was also a member of the ROTC. In his free time, Jordan enjoys mountain biking and teaching his two little girls, Sofie and Stella, to be “army tough.”