10 Reasons Why We’re Crazy About Boston

The Old State House in Boston
Old State House in Boston by Jennifer Boyer via Flickr

When Stay Alfred Vacation Rentals decided to open vacation homes in one of America’s oldest cities, we knew that many unique cultural adventures were in store for our guests. From the distinctive accents of the locals to the legendary historic attractions, what’s not to love? Here’s 10 reasons why we are always excited about Boston:


  1. The Beauty: Have you ever seen Boston in the fall? The city is beautiful during all seasons, but Boston’s fall is so remarkable that there are specific tours designed for visitors to come see the colorful fall foliage.  Boston maintains such natural beauty by making sure the city is kept spotlessly clean. While the roads in Boston might be a bit confusing, they’re practically clean enough to eat off of. Check out this time lapse of Boston’s stellar views.
  2. The Architecture: It wasn’t difficult to find gorgeous buildings for our vacation rentals, here. Boston’s landscape is flecked with both the old and new- glittering high-rises, industrial brick buildings, and (my favorite) charming old churches. Be sure to visit the colonial Old State House that is quaintly tucked away downtown and surrounded by four skyscrapers. (Pictured right)
  3. The Sports: Win or lose, Bostonians will always defend their teams. From the beloved Red Sox to the Celtics, sports are a big deal here. Even if you’re not interested in local sports, the fandom can be highly entertaining as you bar hop on a game night.
  4. The Food Scene: Even though Boston’s old-timey nickname is “Beantown”, Boston style baked beans aren’t such a big deal anymore. (Pro tip, you’ll be an obvious tourist if you say Beantown.) Thankfully, Boston has many other classics to keep your mouth watering.  If pizza is what you’re after, Boston has many celebrated pizza styles and restaurants to keep you busy. Egg in a Jar, Samuel Adams beer, Boston Cream Pie, canolis, clam “chowdah”, and “lobstah” rolls are other favorites that define the local tastes. Want to visit one of the oldest restaurants in the United States? Union Oyster House has been serving since 1826.
  5. The Festivities: Boston might not be the largest city, but there’s always something going on here. Beach parties? Boat shows? Science fiction film fests? Boston Massacre Re-enactments? It’s all here. And of course, don’t forget about the Boston Marathon. No excuses to be bored.
  6. The Art: Boston is riddled with not only unique historical statues, but also plenty of museums and art events to keep the inner cognoscente in all of us interested. The Institute of Contemporary Art (or ICA) is worth a visit just to check out the iconic architecture. Are you more of a theater fan? Boston’s theater scene is thriving.
  7. The Various Districts: Boston’s walk-ability is top notch, so wandering from neighborhood to neighborhood can be a fun way to explore the city’s excitement. Check out Beacon Hill and Back Bay to view buildings of the traditional Federalist style. Pop by Chinatown (near the theater district) to walk down a colorful street of numerous Asian food choices.
  8. The History: If it isn’t obvious enough through the architecture, statues, and interesting road layout, Boston is full of historical significance that comes with being such an old city. Remember Paul Revere? His famous ride was brought on by a signal from the Old North Church in 1775, which still stands today. The Boston Tea Party ships are still here, as well. You’ll be viewing places that were key points in the Revolutionary War and our country’s independence from England. Take a walk along the legendary 2.5 mile long Freedom Trail and you’ll hit a lot of these spots. Also, Faneuil Hall (one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, now) has been an operating festival and marketplace spot since 1743.
  9. The Culture: If you haven’t heard the jokes, you’ll quickly learn that Boston has one of the most distinctive accents in the United States. However, besides the accents, Boston generally has a welcoming culture towards visitors. With one of the lowest divorce rates in our country, Boston prides itself on being a city that highly values loyalty. (Just think of all the times they still cheer on their teams that have lost…)
  10. The Visitors: Every year, well over a million visitors from both the United States and overseas flock to Boston. For this very purpose, Stay Alfred Vacation Rentals hosts five different upscale vacation rental in downtown Boston’s most happening neighborhoods. Why book a hotel when you can stay together with your family in a spacious one bedroom, two bedroom, or three bedroom condo? Our rentals were designed with Boston visitors in mind. Check out our properties online to see which one is right for you or give us a call at 866-232-3864 so we can answer any questions you might have about what it’s like to stay in Boston. We’d love to help you plan your adventure into this incredible city!